Final Cut Pro X Tutorial. Creating Animations from multiple image files. Bird flapping wings.

For best viewing make sure you select 1080p playback and go full screen.
This is a tutorial for Final Cut Pro X. I am animating a cartoon bird which has two frames for its flapping wings. The tutorial shows the use of compound clips to join two images (frames) and create a new animation clip. Also demonstrating importing images, overlaying images over a video, changing the duration of a clip/frame (frame animation speed), changing the duration of multiple clips at the same time, copying one clips transitions (position, movement, rotation, scale, etc) to another clip; This is useful if you want to change the images in an already animated clip. Although this clip is using imported PNG images, the technique can also be used to join and animate multiple video clips (e.g. if you have two clips of a person walking that you want to loop).

The video being edited in the example is a new trailer for the game Arrow Mania 2, available on iOS and Android. Check out the game at and the final video here:

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