Tutorial 4- Viral Video plugin for Final Cut Pro X FCPX


How to animate photos & images with XEffects Viral video in Final Cut Pro X FCPX
Final Cut Pro X template plugins that add text annotations, movement and colour to video. Perfect for use when sharing video on social media, but also great for broadcast, corporate or event videos.
The set consists of titles, transitions and effects that when put together produce a professional, engaging result. Sets for 16:9 and square formats included. No keyframing is needed.
Choose from the built-in colour palettes or use your own custom colour schemes. Subtitle templates included for viewers when sound is off on mobile devices.
Get your video noticed online!

**MUST WATCH DEMO VIDEO! https://youtu.be/MZlzfAXTBGc **

– Perfect for adding text information for videos to be shared on social media.
– Sets for 16:9 and square projects included.
– Built in colour palettes or use your own custom colours
– Resize and colour individual words for impact
– Box background auto sizes behind text.
– Position anywhere or snap to edges and corners
– Easy to animate, choose the in and out direction of travel
– Auto adjusting borders on transitions
– Sidebars are customisable
– Pin sharp results even in 4K timelines.

Tutorial 1 https://youtu.be/ZORBCKyKUcg
Tutorial 2 https://youtu.be/uDuTO88uCTI
Tutorial 3 https://youtu.be/6yKDG9QVo58
Tutorial 4 https://youtu.be/5qy7dCR51y0
Tutorial 5

There are three effects within the XEffects Viral Video pack, you can find them in the effects browser in the bottom right hand corner of Final Cut Pro X

Lets add one to a photo

AutoMove performs a gradual move in the X or Y axis, just toggle which direction you need.

The amount slider controls the speed, a negative value moves the picture in the opposite direction.

No need to worry about keyframimg through transitions, this will keep a smooth move right through. If you extend the clip, the move will extend too.

The acceleration control alters the acceleration curve.

0 will produce a flat linear move

S et to 100 it will give a curve with acceleration and declaration at either ends.

The start and end offsets delay or finish the move up to 100 frames after the start or before the end of the clip.

Auto Rotate Z spins the picture on the Z axis

Auto Zoom grows or shrinks the picture. The zoom or ‘focus point’ can be set by using the onscreen control or the XY controls in the Inspector.

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